Victorian Tea Party for Social Events

Victorian Tea Party for LadiesIn the Victorian Age late afternoon was the time people visited each other in their homes for Afternoon Tea, with motivations that ranged from the fulfilling of social obligations to impassioned courting. As a social event, the Victorian tea was customarily limited to matters that were light-hearted in nature. In every way, the demeanor of the hour reflected the regal elegance that had always been the essence of taking tea. It was a time to momentarily set aside the mundane and the ordinary and give grace and charm to the course of the afternoon. Nothing soothes the soul more than drinking a hot cup of tea out of an elegant tea cup. In today’s busy lives, the traditional Victorian afternoon tea is still popular, however more often served at bridal showers, baby christening, birthday parties, children tea parties, and other special occassions, like weddings. The Afternoon tea is perfect for such events where the tea can be expanded to make a grand social statement in a more formal elegant setting.


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