Webkinz Dragon and Dragon Theme Party

webkinz dragon
The long-awaited Webkinz Dragon has arrived! This Webkinz Dragon is adorable, feels buttery soft and looks more pink than purple. It is perfect for any Webkinz Birthday party for girls and boys of any age under 10. Use any party goods with an animal theme to decorate. Other party ideas to go with the Webkinz toy are e.g. The princess and the dragon, Dragon Tales, Dragon Rider, Eragon, etc.  Other dragon-related party items:

More Princess Power

Princess convertible carWhat about this darling Princess Pedal Car for your Princess Tea Party? This would be perfect for taking pictures! Use each picture as a keepsake or to send as a personalized Thank You Note Card!
to all guests. Girls will will have fun in this vintage replica Princess Pedal Car in Pink. When the party is over, your little one will feel like royalty while cruising in this stylish buggy! Let the wind blow through her hair and enjoy the summer outdoors! This car also features an adjustable seat, high traction tires, non slip pedals and lead-free powder coat paint. There is also a hand crank in the front reminiscent of old-fashioned vehicles.
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