Princess and Frog Party

Disney just came out with a Princess and The Frog movie based loosely on the story the Frog Princess. How about hosting a tea party based on the story?  Here are a few party ideas:

Princess and The Frog Party Games and Activities

  • “Kiss The Frog” Party Game. This game is played similar to the “Pin the tail on the donkey” style game.  This kit comes with 12 kissing lips stickers, Kiss The Frog board, and a cardstock blindfold.  Easy to play: Give one pair of lips to each player. Blindfold a player and whirl her or him about once or twice. She then steps forward and using only one hand, pins the lips in the first place she touches on the board. Each player takes a turn. The player pinning the lips nearest the frog’s mouth is the winner. Kiss The Frog Princess Game
  • Masquerade Ball. Dress up in prince and princess costumes and pretend to go to the Masquerade Ball.
  • Mardi Gras. Play some fun festive music or music from the movie soundtrack and have a Mardi Gras parade like in the movie.
  • Charm Scavenger Hunt. Hide charms all over the house or party room and tell them to help Tiana find the charms.
  • Musical Frog Leap. Play this game like musical chairs except have the kids hop around like frogs around chairs, small area rugs, or just pillows.

Princess and The Frog Party Food and Table Decorations

  • Frog Cookies. Serve cookies in the shape of frogs.
  • Princess and The Frog Cake. Make a cake with purple icing and place a Princess and The Frog topper on top for an easy but adorable Princess cake.
  • Lips sandwiches. Make tea sandwiches in the shape of lips.  Use cream cheese mixed with strawberry jam to make a pink spread.  Place on a decorative Princess and The Frog party plate.
  • Princess and The Frog Party Products. Decorate the table with themed Princess and the Frog party products.  Add in colors of purple and green to compliment the rest of the party supplies like purple and green balloons, table cloth, favors, etc.


Princess and The Frog Tea Party

Pink Parisian Party

Just recently posted a black, pink and white reception party and I thought the decor would be fitting for a Pink Parisian Party or even an Elegant Ladies’ Tea Party.  Use silver tiered servers and fill with roses in various shades of pink, pink ribbons, and a solid colored table cloth.  I’m not really digging the black and white table cloth, so I would go with all pink, all black or all white here.  I think the Pink Poodle Party Color Scheme by Birthday In A Box goes quite nicely with these colors, so I would use that party package to bring out the colors and theme. Use real champagne or wine glasses at the table and for extra punch of color, add a feather boa on the table.  Finish off with silver cutlery and cloth pink napkins.

Food with a Parisian flair:

  • Croissants
  • Mini Quiches
  • Strawberry Decaf Tea
  • Various Cheeses
  • Strawberries dipped in Chocolate
  • Crustless Egg Salad Sandwiches cut into small sizes

Every Day Valentine’s Day Tea Party

You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to have a dainty tea party with some friends.  Girls love hearts, pink and crafting so why not get a few friends together for some fun.

Valentine Tea Menu:

  • Serve dainty tea sandwiches
  • Heart ice cream sandwiches
  • Heart-shaped chocolate lollipops

Valentine Crafts and Activities:

  • Get craft materials like stamps, card stock, ribbon, glue, stickers and embellishments together, and let them use their creativity and make their own crafts.
  • Make things like invitations, picture frames, scrapbooking, pencil decorations, key chains, etc.
  • Make Victorian Valentine Crafts with lots of trim, lace, doilies, and vintage pictures.

Some supplies we found for our inspiration board were:

Valentine's Day Party Supplies, girls having fun doing crafts, Valentine's Day Tea Table

New Pink Poodle Party Theme

Pink Poodle Party theme

Kids of all ages will love this new Pink Poodle theme party! With this fun, colorful theme decorating the party room is easy and fun. Just use pink and white balloons together with a pink poodle party banner. Another idea is to make pink poodle shapes out of contruction paper and stick them on to the walls of the party room.


Food suggestions for your Pink Poodle Party:

  • Serve Dog Bone Cookies
  • Serve a Mock Puppy Chow using Chocolate Sugar Pop cereal
  • Croissants
  • Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Dog bone candy
  • Scooby Doo Graham Crackers (bone shaped)

Pink Poodle Gift Ideas

Recent Pink Poodle Finds for a Pink Poodle Party or these make great gift ideas too. Love the Pink Poodle Charms!


Pink Poodle Plaque, Pink Poodle Charms, Pink Damask Invitation Card, Pink Flowers, French Theme Lunch Box, French Silk Pink Sorbet Ice cream

A real life Pink Poodle as a pet

Ever think of dyeing your poodle PINK for your Pink Poodle Party, think twice. A woman in Colorado was fined doing just that. The owner claimed she did that to call attention to Breast Cancer Awareness and used natural ingredients using kool-aid and beet juice.

Doesn’t she look adorable?


Maybe just getting a stuffed Pink Poodle for a Pink Poodle Party would be easier!


The Ultimate Victorian Princess Castle

If you ever wanted THE perfect Victorian Castle for your little princess, here it is! This Victorian Castle is an authentic replica in child-size form! It has exquisite wooden trusses, with detailed Victorian and Gingerbread-style trim. The Victorian Kids’ Mansion even has 17 working windows! Lofted play area for extra space when a fancy tea party is in session or just play time with friends! The Victorian castle comes with FREE shipping! All you need is to send out the invitations!

Victorian Princess Play Castle

I’d Be Your Princess

I’d Be Your Princess: A Royal Tale of Godly Character is an inspirational book to read at your next Princess Tea Party! The story inspires “princesses” of all ages to be royal in their character and in the story, the girl’s father responds to his daughter with solid encouragement about her inner beauty throughout the book. This is perfect for little girls who love fairy tales, but also need a wholesome lesson about life. A great father/daughter book for story time.
Princess Book: I'd Be Your Princess by Kathryn O'Brien

Webkinz Dragon and Dragon Theme Party

webkinz dragon
The long-awaited Webkinz Dragon has arrived! This Webkinz Dragon is adorable, feels buttery soft and looks more pink than purple. It is perfect for any Webkinz Birthday party for girls and boys of any age under 10. Use any party goods with an animal theme to decorate. Other party ideas to go with the Webkinz toy are e.g. The princess and the dragon, Dragon Tales, Dragon Rider, Eragon, etc.  Other dragon-related party items:

Oh La La! C’est Magnifique!

Pink Poodle Party Table SettingSo you want to have a Pink Poodle Party. Where to start? Start with COLOR! Party decor should have lots of shades of pink, white and black color dispersed throughout the room. Repeat these colors in the napkins, chairs, tablecloth, candles, flowers, etc.  Complement that with beautiful matching party goods to make your party fun and whimsical. By decorating the cake, chairs and the centerpiece, with matching party goods, your party can stand out and be a hit! Don’t forget to add fun printable games to keep guests entertained.  After that, send them home with pink poodle favors that can be enjoyed by the guests well after the party is over.

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