Christmas Tea Party with a Rose Theme

How about getting a few family members or friends together for a Christmas Rose Tea to celebrate the Holidays and to catch up with old friends! Gather items with a rose theme like the Spode Christmas Rose Dining Collection, Spode Christmas Rose Tea Cup, a Rose Centerpiece with a Christmas Gingerbread House, and some Christmas Tea. Some supplies we found for our inspiration board were:

Christmas Plates Cups Place Setting, Christmas flowers, Christmas favors, Fruit tart, Christmas Wreath, Chocolate presents favors, Christmas Glass cups

Pink Poodle Gift Ideas

Recent Pink Poodle Finds for a Pink Poodle Party or these make great gift ideas too. Love the Pink Poodle Charms!


Pink Poodle Plaque, Pink Poodle Charms, Pink Damask Invitation Card, Pink Flowers, French Theme Lunch Box, French Silk Pink Sorbet Ice cream

A real life Pink Poodle as a pet

Ever think of dyeing your poodle PINK for your Pink Poodle Party, think twice. A woman in Colorado was fined doing just that. The owner claimed she did that to call attention to Breast Cancer Awareness and used natural ingredients using kool-aid and beet juice.

Doesn’t she look adorable?


Maybe just getting a stuffed Pink Poodle for a Pink Poodle Party would be easier!


The Ultimate Victorian Princess Castle

If you ever wanted THE perfect Victorian Castle for your little princess, here it is! This Victorian Castle is an authentic replica in child-size form! It has exquisite wooden trusses, with detailed Victorian and Gingerbread-style trim. The Victorian Kids’ Mansion even has 17 working windows! Lofted play area for extra space when a fancy tea party is in session or just play time with friends! The Victorian castle comes with FREE shipping! All you need is to send out the invitations!

Victorian Princess Play Castle

I’d Be Your Princess

I’d Be Your Princess: A Royal Tale of Godly Character is an inspirational book to read at your next Princess Tea Party! The story inspires “princesses” of all ages to be royal in their character and in the story, the girl’s father responds to his daughter with solid encouragement about her inner beauty throughout the book. This is perfect for little girls who love fairy tales, but also need a wholesome lesson about life. A great father/daughter book for story time.
Princess Book: I'd Be Your Princess by Kathryn O'Brien

Webkinz Dragon and Dragon Theme Party

webkinz dragon
The long-awaited Webkinz Dragon has arrived! This Webkinz Dragon is adorable, feels buttery soft and looks more pink than purple. It is perfect for any Webkinz Birthday party for girls and boys of any age under 10. Use any party goods with an animal theme to decorate. Other party ideas to go with the Webkinz toy are e.g. The princess and the dragon, Dragon Tales, Dragon Rider, Eragon, etc.  Other dragon-related party items:

Victorian Tea Party for Social Events

Victorian Tea Party for LadiesIn the Victorian Age late afternoon was the time people visited each other in their homes for Afternoon Tea, with motivations that ranged from the fulfilling of social obligations to impassioned courting. As a social event, the Victorian tea was customarily limited to matters that were light-hearted in nature. In every way, the demeanor of the hour reflected the regal elegance that had always been the essence of taking tea. It was a time to momentarily set aside the mundane and the ordinary and give grace and charm to the course of the afternoon. Nothing soothes the soul more than drinking a hot cup of tea out of an elegant tea cup. In today’s busy lives, the traditional Victorian afternoon tea is still popular, however more often served at bridal showers, baby christening, birthday parties, children tea parties, and other special occassions, like weddings. The Afternoon tea is perfect for such events where the tea can be expanded to make a grand social statement in a more formal elegant setting.

Oh La La! C’est Magnifique!

Pink Poodle Party Table SettingSo you want to have a Pink Poodle Party. Where to start? Start with COLOR! Party decor should have lots of shades of pink, white and black color dispersed throughout the room. Repeat these colors in the napkins, chairs, tablecloth, candles, flowers, etc.  Complement that with beautiful matching party goods to make your party fun and whimsical. By decorating the cake, chairs and the centerpiece, with matching party goods, your party can stand out and be a hit! Don’t forget to add fun printable games to keep guests entertained.  After that, send them home with pink poodle favors that can be enjoyed by the guests well after the party is over.

More Princess Power

Princess convertible carWhat about this darling Princess Pedal Car for your Princess Tea Party? This would be perfect for taking pictures! Use each picture as a keepsake or to send as a personalized Thank You Note Card!
to all guests. Girls will will have fun in this vintage replica Princess Pedal Car in Pink. When the party is over, your little one will feel like royalty while cruising in this stylish buggy! Let the wind blow through her hair and enjoy the summer outdoors! This car also features an adjustable seat, high traction tires, non slip pedals and lead-free powder coat paint. There is also a hand crank in the front reminiscent of old-fashioned vehicles.
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Creating your own Castle cake

Princess Castle Cake for Birthday partyMaking your own princess castle cake has never been easier. Wilton’s just came out with a new castle set that includes all the turrets, roof peaks, windows and doors. All you have to do is make a round cake base, decorate and voila! The best part is that you will have then be able to make several birthday castle cakes from it. Just by varying the decorations you can make a knight castle cake for a Harry Potter or Boys Knight Caste Cake, a Fairy Castle Cake, etc.  It could not be easier!

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