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Teddy Bear Tea Party

Teddy Bear birthday party

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Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear...

Have your guests bring their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal to this special par-"tea" or we can make our own at our party! Enjoy teddy bear sandwiches, teddy bear cookies and drink lemonade from our dainty tea cups with your "beary" special friends!   Play dress-up with your teddy bears with these cute Teddy Bear Outfits or create your own custom Teddy Bear with a custom tee.



Teddy Bear parties are for young and old...

Tea parties are fun and if children are invited to bring a special "friend" along to enjoy in the festivities, it makes it even more special!  This is a popular tea party theme especially for younger children who are not yet ready to attend parties on their own, yet having a comforting, familiar item makes it a little easier.  Older children also enjoy this party theme as well, since it allows them to share something dear and special to them - a popular party theme for slumber parties!  Who can resist a soft cuddly stuffed animal?  Even teenagers enjoy this theme!  Read more about The origin of Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear Decorated Chairs


Teddy Bear Cookies

Teddy Bear Craft and Activities

Our Teddy Bear Tea Parties are filled with activities and will keep everyone entertained from our craft time, story time, dress-up time, tea time, game time, and creative movement time!  We will make a teddy bear craft project, Stuff our Own Teddy Bears , read bear stories, play bear games, and work on our fine motor skills (for the littler ones) during our dress-up time with our teddy bears.  Our activities, crafts, and stories vary depending on the age group.

You can now order YOUR OWN STUFFABLE ANIMALS from Build-A-Bear Workshop for your own parties and have kids stuff their own bears in your own home! This way you don't need to drag everyone to the mall and have all the festivities and fun in the convenience of your own home! For more details view site!


Fancy and Delicious! Tea Time!

For our tea, we will then set up a picnic blanket for our bears and the kids can serve their bears pretend tea and cookies.  Children will sit at their own beautifully decorated table with their friends and a full tea menu will be served.  We will dine on delicious teddy bear sandwiches and teddy bear cookies, popcorn, chips or pretzels, grapes and strawberries.  The children will sip assorted beverages from elegant china cups while keeping a watchful eye on their furry friends nearby.  An exquisite 3-D cake complete with teddy bears having a Teddy Bear Picnic, complete with honey jars, miniature tea cups, cookies, trees and shrubs completes the party!


More Fun and Games

After our delicious tea, each guest will have a photo session with their cuddly friend in their new outfit during our Teddy Bear Fashion Show.  We will then play some fun theme songs and the kids can do a special dance with their teddy bears.  At the end of Teddy Bear Tea Party, each guest will receive a special gift to remember this fun and whimsical celebration!  Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears Tea Parties are a favorite among boys and girls of all ages! To read more teddy bear trivia click here.

Teddy Bear Tea Party picnic complete with picnic blanket, tea cup, saucers, chocolate chip cookies, flowres, edible rocks, trees.  A perfect setting for a teddy bear tea party picnic!