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Princess Tea Party 3-Dimemsional Castle Cake.  An Ultimate addition to your little girl's birthday!

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Our beautiful cakes are unique, 3 dimensional, and especially, delicious!  We accommodate any request and no one cake is alike!  Theme, Colors and Flavors for the cakes are chosen by the Birthday Girl for a royal custom party treat.  No mass-produced factory pre-made cakes!  Our cakes and icing are made fresh without preservatives!  Watch your guests and birthday girl squeal with delight as we bring in the Birthday Cake during our special Birthday Cake celebration session.  Simply enchanting and an event you and your daughter will never forget!  To learn about the history of Birthday Cakes read: The origin of Birthday Cake and Candles 


How to make your own princess castle cake


Teddy Bear Tea Party Cake


Teddy Bear Picnic Cake

Imagine having this cake at your next "Build-A-Teddy" Tea or just at a cozy Teddy Bear Picnic.  A fantastic touch to make your party stand out above the rest.




Teddy Bear Picnic and Tea party cake for our own Stuff-Your-Own-Teddy Bear Tea Party.  Not only will you be able to stuff your custom bear, name it, and adopt it, you will also enjoy a delicious teddy bear tea party complete with table settings, china, food, beautiful cookies, and cake!

Teddy Bear Tea Party Cake

Teddy Bears enjoy a wonderful tea party on a quilt made of sugar paste icing.  Beautiful flowers and trees surround this peaceful setting with butterflies fluttering nearby.



Cake for the Fairy Princess, with Glitter Sparkle Butterflies and Beautiful Flowers


Princess Fairy Castle Cake

This Princess Cake is ideal for your special Fairy Enchanted Princess Tea.   Accompanied with Butterfly shaped cookies decorated with colored icing, sugar paste and colored silver icing balls, freshly made from our ovens!  This is one of the most requested tea party cakes!



Fairy Mushroom Castle Cake


Fairy Mushroom Castle Cake

This Fairy Princess Mushroom Cake is another fantasy cake for our Fairy Princess Tea.  Castle turrets are shaped like mushroom caps, butterflies flutter around with silver wings and beautiful icing flowers surround the garden.




Enchanted Fairy Forest Cake - Cake with handmade edible fairy with rocks, flowers, leaves and wings


Enchanted Fairy Forest Cake

An Enchanted Fairy Forest surround this beautiful Fairy with edible leaves, rocks, flowers and butterflies.  The Fairy Princess is made out of edible sugar paste molded to perfection. Truly a beautiful Fairy Fantasy come true!





Mermaid Princess Cake sitting on a giant Clam shell throne, with rocks, flowers, and shells.  Cakes are entirely made out of edible material.  


Mermaid Princess Cake with Clam Shell Throne

This beautiful Mermaid will bring the Mermaid Tea Table to life!  Adorned with a Giant Clam Shell throne sprinkled with edible glitter,  surrounded by candy rocks, candy sea shells and pink Lilly flowers makes this exquisite cake a one-of-a-kind.  Mermaid Princess is made out of edible sugar paste and is completely edible.



mermaid cake


Mermaid Princess Cake on a Rock

This Mermaid Princess is sitting on a rock overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters waiting for her Prince.  This Mermaid Cake makes a wonderful centerpiece and completes the Mermaid Tea Table.



3-d spa diva cake with make-up powder, lipstick and make-up brush!  All edible and delicious!


Spa Diva Make-Up Cake

For a Fun Spa Diva and Wellness party, this 2 tier 3-D Cake consists of edible make-up compact, lipstick, make-up brush.



Oscar Cake



Oscar Diva Hollywood Cake

For the Hollywood diva party this cake will compliment the themed party decor. Oscar statue stands on top of pink and white cut-out cake with a roll of film elegantly draped around it.



Elegant Victorian Hat Cake decorated with fondant flowers, quilted icing ribbon and bow by Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears, Massachusetts


Victorian Hat Cake with Roses and Lace Ribbons

For an elegant traditional theme this Victorian hat with lace ribbon, pink roses and and ruffles help create a beautiful table setting.




Teddy Bear Theme for Baby Shower Tea Cake



Baby Shower Teddy Bear Cake

What a sweet and memorable way to celebrate the joys of life!   A cute delightful teddy with a baby bib sits on top of cascading bows of curly ribbons and flowers.  A special tea to warm the hearts, tummies and everlasting memories!



Castle Cake with decorated flower path


Princess Castle Cake with Flower Path

Along the enchanted flower path at the top of the top of the hill lies this Enchanted Princess Castle Cake!  Pink and purple edible icing flowers surround this beautiful castle cake and makes this cake One-Of-A-Kind!  Make your little girl's wishes come true!



Purple 3-D Princess Castle Cake.  Royal Princess Castle Cake for our little princess, princes and her little royalties!

Periwinkle Princess Castle Cake

3-D Castle cake is completely edible.  Made out of cake, cookies, sugar cones, icing, and fondant.  Your little princess would absolutely LOVE this one!



Pretty In Pink Princess Castle 3-D Cake.  Delicious Castle cake made out of icing, candy and cake!  Your little royal princess and prince would love this one! Princess tea parties, Massachusetts, MA, New Hampshire, NH 

Pretty-in-Pink Scroll Princess Castle Cake

3-D Elegant Victorian Castle Cake made out of combination fondant and non-crusting whipped meringue icing decorated with scroll pink icing piping, lace hearts, gems and with a pretty pink bow.  Perfect for a Princess party!



Princess Tea Party 3-Dimemsional Castle Cake.  An Ultimate addition to your little girl's birthday!

Rose Garden Princess Castle Cake

Another version of the Pink Castle cake with beautiful purple and pink flowers. 

An Ultimate dream come true for your Princess Tea Party!






Princess Crown, Wand and Earrings Cake

Princess Crown, Wand and Princess Party Cake

Just what the Princess would love on her special day!  Crown, Wand and Earrings are completely edible and made of sugar, icing and other sweets!  The ultimate cake for Princess parties! 


Our Favorites: Easy Princess and Castle Toppers