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Purple 3-D Princess Castle Cake

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Once a date for your Princess Tea Party has been confirmed and we have received your deposit, custom hand-made invitations will then be mailed to all your special guests at least 3-4 weeks in advance.  This is an exciting time for your child and a great way to involve your child would be to let her make decisions regarding the guest list, the seating arrangements, tea party menu selection, craft selection or by talking about the details of the actual event with her. 

Princess Tea Party Table

Scroll Frame with Birthday Child's name, Menu and Party Schedule

flower bullet Princess Party Set-up

When the big day finally arrives, your hostess will come an hour early to set-up and decorate your home, function room, hall, country club, place, etc. where you will be hosting your elegant affair.  To make your royal princess tea party a success your hostess will come with a vast array of material, planned to the very last detail, so generous room for the girls to have fun need to be provided.  Usually 3 distinct areas are needed - a separate craft area, a dressing area where children can get dressed and undressed, and an area for the princess tea will be needed so that the children can comfortably enjoy their activities.

flower bullet Princess Party Activities

When our guests arrive, we first start off with our craft time.  Once our crafts are done we can finally get dressed in our Princess party gowns!  Your guests will have many elegant dresses to choose from, dresses made from luxurious fabrics like tulle, to satin and taffeta organza so everyone will feel like a Royal Princess!  These wonderfully crafted dresses are decorated in lace, pearls, silk flowers and ribbons, and will make your little girl's birthday (or special event) a dream come true and a day she will never forget!  Feather boas, satin gloves, sparkling elegant jewelry and handbags adds to the final touch. 

Beautiful Princess Dresses, Dress-up fun for little girls

Princess Tiara for Birthday Girl

flower bullet Princess Party Guests

If boys are going to be present, please let us know in advance so a theme appropriate costume can be provided for them so they won't feel left out.  Siblings are a fact of life and it is important to include them in special celebrations like birthdays.  They will then be part of the guest list and can enjoy being part of the fun!  They too, can be a Royal Prince for a day!


flower bullet Princess Party Order of Events

After getting dressed, the Royal Princess Tea party will begin!  We will gather at the table and each guest will have a place card so he/she will know where to sit. The Guest of Honor and her friends will enjoy sipping refreshments from china cups, while making casual conversation, eating crust-less tea sandwiches, hand-decorated cookies, and fresh seasonal fruits at an exquisitely decorated table complete with cloth table linens, themed centerpiece, and silver teapots.  All our chairs will have chair covers and will be adorned with tulle, ribbons and silk flowers so that all our girls will feel special at their princess tea party!  Background tea music will be playing to set the right mood and ambiance. It is at this time an appropriate theme story will be told during our story time.  Finally, the highlight of the princess tea party would be to bring out the exquisite themed cake at the end and singing "Happy Birthday" to your little girl!

Birthday Girl's Princess Napkin Ring

Princess Chairs

flower bullet Princess Party Activities

After the elegant princess tea service, a game will be played while each guest will take turns having a beauty treatment of sparkle glitter gel to get ready for their little fashion show and crowning ceremony!  When all our little girls are finally ready, they will walk down the red carpet and be officially crowned a "Royal Princess" with authentic crystal pageant tiaras!  We  will have tiaras for every girl!  Then our officially crowned royalties can then twirl and dance to their little hearts' delight to our dance music. This fantastic moment will be captured in an instant picture which each girl will take home in a frame, beautifully hand-decorated earlier during our craft session.  What better way to remember this wonderful birthday!

flower bullet When the Clock strikes Midnight at the Princess Party....

When the clock strikes "midnight" and the enchanted princess tea party regretfully comes to an end, we will change back into our regular clothes and thank each of our guest for making this day so special by coming and sharing this time with us.  They will get a favor to take home, the 2 crafts they made during Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears' Royal Princess Tea Party, as well as their special picture of the day. 


flower bullet Truly a magical dream come true!