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flower Origin of the Teddy Bear flower


What is the origin of the Teddy Bear? 

Where did the Teddy Bear come from?

Who invented the Teddy Bear?



Early American Teddy Bear

Early American Teddy Bear

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There are several stories of how the first Teddy Bear began.  A lady named Magarete Steiff (1847-1909) who was stricken with polio and spent most of her life in a wheel chair, had been successfully producing stuffed animals made of felt in Germany.  Later on she made the first toy bear made of mohair and jointed arms, legs and head.  When an American named George Borgfeld heard of this, he ordered 3000 right away.  The bears became so popular that by 1903, over 12,000 Steiff bears had been ordered and shipped to the United States. Every Steiff product was identified by a metal button in the ear.


Early Steiff Teddy Bear circa 1905 to 1908

Early Steiff Teddy Bear circa 1905 to 1908


The increased demand and the popularity of the bear culminated with the most popular of all with President Roosevelt (1858-1919).  Mr. Roosevelt was one day hunting in Mississippi in 1902 when a small bear cub was captured for him to shoot.  He refused to do so.  The next day, The Washington Post had created a cartoon depicting the bear and the president.  Soon the bear became known as the "Teddy" bear since Mr. Roosevelt's first name was Theodore or 'Teddy'.  Store owners Morris and Rose Michtom capitalized on this and started making their own version of the Teddy Bear and led to the creation of a successful company named, the Ideal Toy Company in the United States. The bears had movable limbs and shoe button eyes and was displayed in their store front as early as 1903.


Early American Teddy Bear 1907 to 1914

Early American Teddy Bear circa 1907 to 1914


vermont teddy bear

Birthday Bears by Vermont Teddy Bear

Soon the popularity of Teddy Bears dramatically increased worldwide and other countries also started producing their own version of Teddy Bears.  Today, Teddy Bears are still popular.  Companies that market their teddy bears have created new marketing concepts and letting children 'create' their own bears like the Vermont Teddy Bear and  Build a Bear.  Children can visit any store locations, pick their own bears and stuff them on site.  They can also select from a wide variety of clothing and accessories to accompany their bear.  Private event planning companies like Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears have added an extra dimension by providing the "stuff your own bear" concept in addition to having an all-out fancy affair by providing dress-up, crafts, formal tea party decor, Teddy Bear 3-D cake, photo shoots, props and favors among many all-inclusive items.  Or to learn more about early bears and dolls visit the Wenham Museum in Wenham, Massachusetts.  A great way to end your visit is to head over to the Wenham Tea House for a nice delicious Afternoon Tea, and bring along a beary friend too!


Tea Cakes Bear for stuff your own bear party     Teddy Bears Bear for stuff your own bear party     Brown Bear for stuff your own bear party

Bears and Outfits provided by Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears