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Mermaid Party for a Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Cake

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Mermaid Princess Tea and Pirate Party

With a swish of the magic wand our little girls will be transformed into little mermaids and splish-splash around the blue ocean!  Little girls will be transformed into beautiful little Mermaids with our Mermaid Costumes and Little boys into brave Pirates! 


We will feast on shell-shaped sandwiches, shell-shaped treats, enjoy an exquisite 3-D mermaid cake, and have fun decorating our take-home crafts! Our tea table will be decorated with elegant table linens and even our napkin rings, chairs and tea sandwiches will have our mermaid theme!  Kids will enjoy feasting on mermaid plates from their favorite movie.  For more photos click here!  

Mermaid Party pictures: Elegant Mermaid Tea Party Table

Mermaid Party pictures: Elegant Mermaid Tea Party Table

Mermaid Party pictures: mermaid chair with chair decor


Mermaid Party Game:

Get a Tropical Fish Game Fill a wide bucket or small blow-up baby pool with water, put a few drops of blue food coloring, and drop magnetic fish in the water.  Anyone that catches a fish, gets a prize!  A party favorite! 


Mermaid and Pirate Treasure Hunt:

Design a treasure hunt with clues that leads up to the hidden Treasure Chest Piņata.  Make sure you design the clues with pictures and clearly written words so that kids who aren't able to read yet, can participate.  Put clues in common areas, like dining room,  kitchen, or outdoors, like garage, etc.  Kids will squeal with delight once they find the Treasure Chest Piņata filled with goodies.  Perfect way to end a party!

Mermaid Party - Mermaid Princesses on the waterfront with shells, treasure, and pearl props.  Each girl gets to take their own picture home printed instantly from a digital camera.

Mermaid Party Decor:

Party packages are easy and comes with all the Mermaid party supplies you need.  Plates, napkins, table cloth, favors, and more...Decorate table with party supplies.  Just hang green, blue and pearl colored balloons and streamers from the ceiling to make it look like bubbles and seaweed!  To make chairs look festive,  get tulle and wrap around chairs.  Tie with decorated shells and ribbons.


Mermaid Fairytale History and Trivia:

When did our fascination with mermaids begin?  Perhaps one of the most famous mermaid stories is the one that has originated from the Danish poet, Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).  It tells about how a little Mermaid at age 15, for the first time swims to the surface of the sea, where she fell in love with the Prince she saved from drowning.  She lost her fish tail, when she sold her voice to the evil sea witch, who in return gave her the "most beautiful legs any girl could ever have".  The mermaid wanted to win the Prince and an immortal soul so she could be with the Prince forever.  Sounds familiar?  Disney's Little Mermaid Story was inspired by this original tale.  


Little Mermaid Sculpture in Copenhagen, Denmark

A Mermaid sculpture has then been created and was put up in 1913 on the shores of Denmark.  It has become one of the most popular symbol and landmark of this country.  The sculpture was made by sculptor Edvard Eriksen and was unveiled in 1913.

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