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Harry Potter Theme Parties

Harry Potter Theme Party
Let the Magic Begin!  Welcome To All Harry Potter Fans! 
Here is a where J.K. Rowling's books comes alive!

Watch our Harry Potter Movie of our Harry Potter Theme Party!

Harry Potter video

Harry Potter Theme Party by Tea Cakes and Teddy Bear - a mock book

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Harry Potter Invitation

Harry Potter Invitation

Guests will receive a Welcome Back Letter from Professor McGonagall welcoming them back to Hogwarts Academy.  It comes with an official wax seal on it with the birthday child's initial.  Guests are informed to wear wizard attire back to school since the area will be well-protected by Memory Charms.  However, if they for unforeseen reason miss the Hogwarts Express or are unable to Apparate, they must come incognito in Muggle Manner by way of Muggle transportation.  They are to arrive promptly on such party date for the Hogwarts Dinner Feast and to be dismissed at an appointed time.  Official Hogwarts Crest appears on tea stained envelope and letterhead.  A Marauders map is included for directions to the party location.  An invisible ink pen with black light is also enclosed to decipher the map and to write an RSVP note back to the host.  Messages can be sent back via Owl Post or whichever method one prefers, i.e. house elf, phoenix, or any other wizarding creature....

Sorting Hat Ceremony and Harry Potter Costume Robes from Madam Malkins' Robe Shop

Once guests arrive and pay a visit to Madam Malkins' Robe Shop,  they sit down and wait for the Sorting Hat ceremony.  Each child puts on the hat and the talking hat (yes, it does talk and it's quite funny!) sorts them into the 4 different houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw.  A crest representing each house will then be pinned on each child.  Each child can pick their role as, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, etc.

Professor Snapes Potions Class

After that, it's off to Snapes' Potions class where they will be mixing potions in test tubes and tasting them.  They will be mixing hypogriff spit, mermaid tears, pixie dust, and other potions to make different spells.  They will make snow, slime and for the finale, a brew out of dragon eyeballs with pumpkin juice.  An explosion is bound to occur!  Watch the kids squeel with excitement! 

Harry Potter sorting hat ceremony

Harry Potter Owl emporium

Streets of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade

Once Professor Snape is satisfied with the kids' performance, they are rewarded with a trip down Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.  They get to go to Eeylops Owl Emporium and pick out their own owl from the large selection available.  Next, it's on to Honey Dukes Sweet Shop for some scary treats, like finger butter cookies and eyeball gummy candy.  A quick visit after that to Flourish and Blotts Bookstore to browse through the latest books on topics like "How to fly faster with your Firebolt"  or "Dementor Trivia", and then on to Ollivanders Wand Shop where each child gets to pick their own wand.  There are hundreds of wands to choose from.  Some made of commonly found items, and   some out of rare  material, like Rosewood, Vinewood Tree, Phoenix Feather, and Rather Bendy.  After picking out their perfect wand, it's time for the Hogwarts Feast!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Feast

Our Wizards and Witches will sit down to a feast of pumpkin juice, butter beer, fruit, cake, turd clusters, chocolate frogs and slimy worms.  Of course traditional Muggle foods are also optional. 

Hogwarts Castle Cake with Floating Dementor and The Basilisk

The Hogwarts Castel Cake is made in shape of a castle with a hovering dementor on one side and a giant basilisk serpent on the other.  A feast that is sure not to be forgotton!  Drinks are served from wine goblets.  Black plates and napkins dress-up the table.  Harry Potter house crests will decorate the diningroom, tall candelabras are set on the table, and food are served in black cauldrons!

Harry Potter Hogwarts' Feast

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate Frogs for Harry Potter Party


1 bag of microwavable chocolate wafers
1 Candy molds in the shape of frogs

1. Place wafers in a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Microwave for 30 seconds at half power or on defrost setting.

3. Stir wafers.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until wafers are completely melted.

5. Spoon melted chocolate into the mold.  Do not overfill.

6. Lightly tap mold to release any air bubbles.

7. Refrigerate for 20-30 min.

8. Invert mold and tap gently to release.

Quidditch Game with the Golden Snitch

After the Hogwarts Feast, kids are given each a broomstick.  All brooms are labeled with their names, like Firebolt, Nimbus 2000, Comet 260, etc.  A ball with wings is used as the golden snitch.  Players are divided into 2 teams and the game is played like hockey where they have to put the snitch into the goal to score. 

Harry Potter Petrified Game of Tag

In this game of tag, (without brooms) choose one child to be the dementor.  The dementor will be given a dementor outfit and petrifies other players (witches and wizards) when he or she touches them. When a player is tagged by the dementor, he or she must freeze. Unfrozen players can free petrified players by tagging them. Once a player is frozen three times, he or she remains permanently petrified. They then have to stay in the Prison Of Azkaban, a designated area.  The last player to avoid being petrified, wins!   The prisoners are released and the game is played again.

Harry Potter Quidditch Game

Harry Potter Gringotts Favor Bag

Favor Bags and Treats

Towards the end of the party, kids are directed into the Forbidden Forest to find golden coins that were accidentally left behind by Gringotts' Goblins when one of the carts derailed.  Kids must now help and collect as many coins they can and put them in the Gringotts Bank Money Bag.  As a reward, they get to keep a few coins with which they use to buy items in the shops of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley to take home as favors, together with their money bag.

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