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Fairy Princess Tea Party

flower bullet pix·ie or pix·y (pĭk'sē) -

"Pixie dust is the trail of sparkling material that often follows mythical creatures such as pixies and fairies in general when they are visually represented. Sometimes, this trail is interpreted as being a tangible substance, often imbued with magic powers. The most notable example of this is in the story of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, where pixie dust allows one to fly if one is thinking happy thoughts."

Fairy Princess holding flower

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flower bullet Fairy Trivia and Myths:

  • Only certain people can see fairies. This gift is called "Fairy Sight".

  • All cats have Fairy Sight by nature.

  • Cats are very jealous of fairies.

  • If you want to know where the fairies live in your house, follow your cat.

  • If you make a tea of marigold flowers and wash your eyelids with it, you may see fairies.

  • Midsummer Eve, at twilight, is the best time to see fairies.

  • Look for fairies where Oak Trees grow. "Fairy folks live in Old Oaks."

  • Fairies are attracted to bowls of milk, barley, cake, sprinkles and glitter. 

  • Fairies wear clothing made of foxglove flowers. Foxglove is also called "fairie's petticoats".

  • A circle of mushrooms is called a fairy circle, a sure sign of fairy activity.

  • Sometimes fairies disguise themselves as dragonflies, rabbits, deer or bees.

  • Yellow butterflies are messengers from Fairieland.

  • A stone with a ring around it is called a fairy stone and holds much magic.

Fairy Mushroom Castle Cake

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flower bullet Fairy Tea Sandwiches:

You will need sliced bread, cream cheese, colored sprinkles and your favorite jam.  Spread softened cream cheese on the bread.  Spread jam on the other side and assemble both slices of bread together.  Use butterfly cookie cutters to slice bread into butterfly shaped sandwiches.  Spread a thin layer of the softened cream cheese on the wings.  Sprinkle the colored sprinkles on the wings.  Enjoy with a cold glass of milk.  Leave small bites of your sandwich and fill a small acorn cap with milk for the fairies.  Put that inside the Fairy House to attract the fairies to visit. 


flower bullet How to Build a Fairy House :: Supplies

You will need sticks, Bark, Pinecones, Pebbles, Pussy Willow Branches, Feathers, moss, pinecones, flowers, fine sand, dry grass, acorns, and other natural materials such as shells and stones.  Fairy houses should look as natural as possible.  So use only natural materials.  Be careful not to disturb any living materials and be careful not to harm the environment.


flower bullet How to Build a Fairy House :: Instructions

Start low to the ground.  Find a tree, rock or area where you can stack up some sticks to form a little house.  Use leaves, bark, branches to support and cover your house.  Pebbles, shells and stones make a nice path or floor for your house. Decorate the inside and outside with fresh or silk flowers.  Don't forget to put some food to attract the fairies and check on your house often to see any signs of activity!

How to make a Fairy House - picture of fairy house


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  • Fairy Crafts - Make Wand
  • Fairy Wings - Dress Up
  • Fairy Head Wreaths
  • Fairy Costumes - Photoshoot
  • Fairy Tea Party Decorations
  • Fairy Castle Cake
  • Themed Music
  • Butterfly and Magic Wand Cookies
  • Fairy Flower Games
  • Fairy Scarf Dance
  • Photo Shoot with Guest of Honor and Backdrop
  • Take Home Picture Favor Frames
  • Treats and Prizes for Games
  • Fairy Favors
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