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Party Games :: Children & Adults

Wedding Word Search - Bridal Shower Game

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Adult's Game :: Bridal Shower Game

A fun & classic bridal shower game that is fun to play and can be enjoyed by young and old.  Guests will love playing the wedding word search and if they're lucky and can find the "Mystery Word", give them a special prize!  This will sure bring out the fun, competitive nature in every one and will make your shower a hit!


Adult's Game :: Baby Shower Game

You will love this game!! This is a classic baby shower game and it will make the event even more memorable! The "Dirty Diaper" Game ~ Each Game has 10 Diapers.  Each box has 1 "Dirty" Diaper" and 9 "Non-Dirty" Diapers. The "dirty diaper" has a small amount of brown fabric paint inside to truly look like poop.  For bigger baby showers, just order several boxes.  I get my games from here.



Children's Game :: Pass the Ball Party Game

Line up 2 equal teams of players all facing the same way.

The one at the front holds the ball or balloon.

On the word go the first passes the ball over their head to the player behind who then passes the ball between their legs to the player behind.

Continue over and between until you get to the last player, they then run to the front of the line and start again over head and between legs.

The winners are the team who gets their first player to the front first.

Children's Game :: Guessing Party Game game

Collect about 10 boxes before the party, approx shoe box size, cut a hole in the top big enough to get your hand in, cover the boxes label or number them so you know which is which. place a different object in each box.

Blindfold the players, get them to put their hand in the box one at a time and guess what they are feeling

Example: Cotton wool, toy dinosaur, grapes, ball of wool, uncooked spiral or bow pasta, playdough, toy spider, marbles, play dough, piece of fabric, etc.

Tip:  Put objects in the box according to theme.  For a princess party put a wand, tiara, rings, etc.  For a mermaid party, put shells, pearls, plastic sea animals, etc.  For a fairy party, put toy butterflies, rose petals, etc.

Children's Game :: Musical Chairs Party Game

A favorite and classic game!   Just line up chairs in a line.  One chair facing front, next chair in line should be facing towards the back.  There should be one chair less than the numbers of kids who are planning to play this game.  Put on some themed music and let them have a ball.  When the music is playing, children should dance and walk around the chairs.  When the music stops, all kids should take a seat.  The one left without a chair is 'out'.  Take out one more chair and continue playing the again until there is only 1 child left. 

Children's Game :: Freeze Dance Party Game

Another Favorite and easy activity!  Just play some music and have everyone shake, dance and wiggle!  Stop the music.  When the music stops, everyone should freeze.  Whoever is still moving, is 'out'.  Continue playing until there is only 1 person left. 


Adult's Game :: Baby Shower Keepsake

Not really a game but a great memory keepsake for the mother-to-be.  Each guest can write down any helpful advice to the new mom or dad.  You can easily make your own by purchasing index cards from office supply stores and decorating it, or you can purchase pre-printed ones here.