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Arts and Crafts Ideas for Parties

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Flower pot Pens

You will need green floral tape, pens, silk flowers, and ribbon.  Gather ribbons and flowers in various bright colors.  You will also need mini terra cotta pots with some floral foam, and some moss.  Cut down flower stem to about 2 inches from the flower.  Attach flowers to the end of the pen using floral tape.  Wrap the entire pen until the tip.  Tie off the bottom of the flower with a pretty ribbon with optional place card tag.  Stick into floral foam and place inside the pot.  Cover with a bit of moss.  You may need to hot glue the moss in place.  Another easy option is to purchase these  flower pot pens ready made.  This flower pen is a beautiful table decor and can be a take-home favor for the end of the party.


Making and Decorating Your Own Tea Bag

A great favor and craft for your next tea party would be to provide some loose leaf tea and to have your guests make a tea bag of their choice to take home.  Simply cut out the template and provide various stamps, ribbons, coloring pens, and other craft supplies to decorate the tea bag.  Fill with your favorite tea bag or loose leaf tea.



Decorating Candles

This is especially fun when you are having a tea party with close friends or a Friendship Tea Party.  Ask each person to bring several small, flat items in their household with them to the party.  Fun items could be pictures, stamps, coins, dried flowers, pins, buttons, silk flowers, etc.  Have them exchange items with their friends during the beginning of the party.  This is also a great icebreaker and conversation starter.  Provide each guest with a 4-6" white or cream pillar candle.  Heat the candle slightly with a hair dryer.  Press object with some glue into the candle.  Tie with a beautiful organza ribbon.


Making Your Own Candles

Instead of buying your own, why not make them?  Rolling your own beeswax candles is a fun, rewarding and incredibly easy craft. You can get beeswax sheets from any craft store with candle stick wicks. After you are done with making the candle, you can use leftover sheets and use small cookie cutters to cut out different shapes.  Stick on to the outside of the candle you just made.  With some pressure and heat the shapes will stay on nicely.

Stamping Fun. Make cards or decorations with stamps. Stamps and ink pads available at local craft stores or specialty stamp stores. For example, for Valentine's day, you can gather friends for a Valentine's Tea and make Valentine's cards. For Thanksgiving, get the kids to make place cards or placemats with stamps and leaves.

Jewelry Making. Purchase beads or ask friends to bring some beads to share and make friendship bracelets. Another idea would be to make your own beads using clay. Stick them in the oven to harden (follow directions on package) and make your own jewelry with the beads afterwards.

Pottery Painting. Go to a local pottery place and get creative painting! You can also purchase unfinished ceramic pieces at craft stores you and use acrylics paints to decorate them. Acrylic paints are easy to use and clean up is simple; perfect for kids!

Pillowcase Personalities. Get plain pillowcases, fabric puff paint, and permanent markers and let kids decorate them using stencils, stamps, and their own imagination. Or purchase pillowcases with their names pre-printed and let friends sign and decorate them. Great for sleepovers!