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Feed Back and Customer Comments

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Here is what they have to say....



"Great job! The details were perfect, the cake was beautiful and delicious, the pictures were great, etc. Everything was wonderful and just as we hoped! We loved how beautiful and luxurious everything was and you are very responsive and organized. Loved it and would definitely use you again. The girls really seemed to enjoy themselves.  Thank you!"



"Very professional. Impressed with the attention to detail. Invitations and thank you notes were beautiful. Princess Castle Cake was unbelievable!!"



"The party was a huge success. People are still talking about it. Thanks for making Jordan's 5th birthday so special." 



"The party was beautiful, no detail was overlooked and you were so charming!!!!! We can't wait until next year!!!!"



"You are a very creative, fun person and we enjoyed working with you. You have created a business that helps parents create a special birthday celebration for their child which is much appreciated.  I would be happy to provide a reference to potential clients and will continue to sing your praises!  I /we wish you continued success."  M. & D.  Livingston



"I thought the party was extremely well organized and fun for the children. You worked very hard at keeping the children entertained.   I could see that some families would find the cost a little expensive but I thought for the effort exerted and the time spent it was well worth it.  I feel very comfortable referring you to others.  Thanks again."  D. Duncan



"You created a perfect Birthday Party. You were very well organized, and the quality of your presentation was excellent. You were also very good with the kids. I would highly recommend you and hope to hire Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears again in the future."



"I was thrilled with the range of services offered, and the attention to detail that went into each aspect of the party. The concept of having everything done from invitations to thank you notes, and everything in between, was great. I didn't worry about having to plan, and could look forward to the party. The dresses, food, and crafts were great. The quality of the printed pictures was okay, though it was nice to send each girl home with a picture. I ordered group pictures of the girls and sent them in the thank you notes. The party was very special and all the girls, especially mine, loved it. It was expensive, though I felt that the quality of the party justified the cost. You were also wonderful with the girls. Overall a great experience, which I have recommended to others. "


"I meant to write you on my own... Honestly, I got nervous before the party that I had gone a little over the top with what I had planned. I wanted Abby's party to be a little different than the other parties she had been to, but was starting to feel a little self-conscious that I was going to an extreme. I felt that way until you walked in the door and you started doing everything. It was a beautiful day, the girls got to do things they rarely get exposed to, they were enthusiastic and open to all the activities, they looked beautiful in their robes, they all had fun, the activities were fun, no one was flipped out on sugar and I got to sit back and enjoy it instead of running around like a crazy person trying to do everything. We loved it - it was a great experience. It was the perfect age group to target it to. It was Abby's perfect year for it. Going forward her birthday will probably be celebrated by going with a couple friends to the movies. Abby was the princess of the day and we have great memories and great photos of the year that we did something a little special for her. Thanks for a very successful event!"


"We had a great time-everything was beautifully done."



"We had a wonderful experience.  For the younger children, a game with movement/dancing in their gowns was also be a lot of fun for them. It is a party we will always remember!!!"