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Chinese Tea Party

Chinese Dragon for Lion Dance

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Chinese Tea Party Celebration

Chinese Tea Parties can be a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.  Boys and girls will listen to Chinese stories, learn about the Lunar Chinese calendar, make Chinese paper lanterns, learn to write Chinese numbers from 1 to 10, and they'll make a beautiful wall hanging.  During tea time they will dress up in beautifully embroidered silk robes fit for an Asian Prince and Princess! An elegant Tea Ceremony will follow with a sample of delicious Chinese treats and mock green tea, made from green Kool-Aid!  Afterwards, kids will participate and be part of the traditional Dragon dance with authentic Chinese music for some fun, creative movement time!  A great cultural experience for all ages!


Chinese Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are fun and colorful and easy for kids to make.  They also provide and inexpensive way to decorate and add some color instantly.  Just hang some on the ceiling or along your wall with string or display them on your table for a festive mood.


                 chinese lanterns

       chinese calligraphy


Chinese Calligraphy

By using black felt, watercolor paper, decorative cardstock, red ribbon, and a craft dowel rod, a simple yet beautiful wall hanging can be made.  Kids love learning to use the Chinese brush and learning to write with ink.  Afterwards, an authentic Chinese Marble stamp is used as a signature like the original Chinese artists.



Chinese Books and Stories

Great stories about Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance, customs, foods, and lives of the Chinese.


Party Room and Table

Party will include table settings, china cups, apple juice "tea", sampling of various Chinese treats.



                       chinese book   







Dragon Dance with Authentic Chinese Music and Silk Robes

Children will love dressing up in the elegant silk embroidered robes and taking turns in the hand-made Chinese Dragon during the Dragon dance. 




Favors for a Chinese Party

Chinese Good Luck Red Packet, Chopsticks, Fortune Cookies, Treats, Take-Home-Crafts and more!  Red Packets with money inside were given to unmarried children for good luck.









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